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there can be if you have empathy, and Nucky hasn't had that until now (and maybe at the end of last week's episode when Margaret lost Owen, mirroring Nuck's loss of Billie).

Now he cares that Eddie has a family, and we see on his face how stupid and careless he knows he's been -- of course Eddie has a family, but Nucky's never asked or cared.

Nucky has spent too long treating everyone like a meaningless pawn in a game that seemingly has no end.

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These men inhabit such a small world, with each of them always a hair away from bumping into another man's enterprise.

Maybe it's because I've been watching ' The Wire' for the first time recently, but "Two Imposters" reminded me of several things from that show: D' Angelo Barksdale teaching his two subordinates about chess and how it relates to the drug game, the way that show can make you empathize with such complex and flawed characters, and of course, the neverending wars fought over turf, the bodies that will always fall, and the infinite nature of organized crime.

If Gyp succeeds in taking over Atlantic City, there will undoubtedly someday be another Gyp Rosetti -- all hot-headed and ambitious -- with whom he'll inevitably have to contend.

I'm also probably hung up on ' The Wire' right now because of a major player both shows share: Michael K. His Chalky White played such an integral part of this week's episode, and there's a man that has something Nucky needs, in more ways than one.

Chalky has the guns and the manpower, but he also has the business sensibilities and empathy that Nucky lacks.

Chalky's loyalty to Nucky may be his undoing in the finale (and I really hope that's not the case), but a man like Chalky has struggled more and knows more about the value of both material things and human life.This week also brings Al Capone into the fold -- while Nucky tries and fails repeatedly in the last two weeks to get Johnny Torrio involved in his war, Eli manages to make a deal to get Capone down to AC, and damned if I didn't have the biggest grin on my face when Capone said, "I need a bed, some chow, and then you and me sit down.And we talk about who dies." Along with Capone, it seems Nucky also has Eli and what appears to be some leftover men from the AC bootlegging enterprise, and Chalky and his men, who seem to be more loyal than even Chalky assumed.' Boardwalk Empire' is always the most intense in the last two episodes of the season, and "Two Imposters" is no exception: this week gives us plenty of Chalky White, a gut-busting (literally) hour of tension, and Gyp Rosetti is finally reunited with his dog.Poor Eddie Kessler -- shot in the gut while trying to protect Nucky and doesn't say a word about it until he's passed out driving the getaway car.But Eddie and Chalky White have a lot to teach Nucky this week and in just an hour, I think they succeed.