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and the main reason I am reposting it here is because i wanted Pinoys to find out that there really is no change (almost) to the list.

While little or very few have transferred to other offices, still you can find most of the National Bureau of Investigation renewal centers in popular malls like in .

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This list might be outdated so if you know any information, let us all help our kababayans know. For those asking if NBI clearance is required for passport application, you can read my post here – NBI Clearance for DFA Passport.Contribute by using our comments section if you know any branch or office that has moved and please include the exact and new location address and if there is, please do include their respective hotline telephone numbers. If you feel afraid applying all by yourself, please help yourself and read my post that features a complete guide on “how to apply for NBI clearance”.Hopefully, this will cover also those who are looking to renew their document for other purposes such as passport application (for abroad) or any other reasons.Don’t forget what I’ve previously told you that when you apply for DFA passport, you won’t need a NBI clearance for as long as you can produce primary IDs as per requirements of application at the Department of Foreign Affairs.Dela Rosa, however, told De Lima that he was just threatening drug pushers but the senator asked him to refrain from making such remarks.

"Tinatakot ko lang po 'yung mga pusher," Dela Rosa said.

"Pwede ho ba nating bawasan iyon kasi maaaring wala kayong intensyon na ganoon, that's not exactly what you mean that you're not really inspiring these killers to do that pero malay ninyo kung 'yun ang dating sa kanila," the senator said.

The PNP chief then thanked De Lima for reminding him against making threatening statements and vowed to lessen them.

They have a list, make sure to check them online by visiting the official DFA website at

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