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The mural Icon became the central part of the award-winning sacred art exhibit by Guillermo Esparza, "Arcanum Angelorum" ("Mystery of the Angels".) New York City Mayor Michael R. Patrick's Old Cathedral, started the renovation and decoration of the lower church, The Holy Name Chapel, in 2008, and, together with Maria Andriasova-Esparza, the Executive Director of Guillermo Esparza Studio, they maintained the Holy Name Chapel (the lower Church) for the next five years, until the Chapel closed in July 2014 due to the start of major renovations of the catacombs. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City commemorated its 200 year anniversary with "Arcanum Angelorum" exhibit by American artist Guillermo Esparza, for which Guillermo Esparza was awarded a Proclamation from New York City Mayor Michael R. Guillermo Esparza was the subject of the documentary film "Guillermo Esparza, an American Iconographer", an original production by Los Angeles filmmaker Veronica Aberham for London-based Studio International.

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"After graduating from The Juilliard School in New York and a successful career as a child protege concert pianist, performing and recording all over the world, Maria started her new career working as a due diligence analyst for Asian conglomerate giants in Japan and South Korea.

She was then hired by George Soros and Robert Soros to work at their New York City office at Soros Fund Management specializing in hedge funds and funds of funds management.

Maria still performs as a concert pianist for special events and is fundraising for various organizations, supporting at-risk youth and people with disabilities.

She composes original music which accompanies sacred art installations by her husband, The Vatican artist Guillermo Esparza."New York, New York (PRWEB) -- The historic Grand Deesis monumental mural Icon by the Vatican Artist Guillermo Esparza is on view at The Edward Cardinal Egan Catholic Center at New York University, part of NYU's Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, and is on loan from Maria Andriasova-Esparza and Guillermo Esparza's private collection.

The mural Icon of the Pantokrator, The Grand Deesis by Guillermo Esparza is installed at the Edward Cardinal Egan Catholic Center at New York University.

The Green and Many-Eyed Red Seraphim by Guillermo Esparza are installed at the John Henry Cardinal Newman Chapel at the Catholic center at NYU.

The exhibition is part of the on-going award-winning sacred art exhibit by Guillermo Esparza, "Arcanum Angelorum" ("Mystery of the Angels"), which originated at The Basilica of St.

Patrick's Old Cathedral, where Guillermo Esparza is an artist-in-residence since 2009.

Guillermo Esparza was honored for the exhibit by New York Mayor Michael R. The exhibit is presented and sponsored by Maria Andriasova- Esparza and Guillermo Esparza.

The mural Icon of the Pantokrator, The Grand Deesis, depicts Christ in His Majesty ("Majestas Domini").

The figure to the left of Christ is John the Baptist, Prodromos, the Fore-Runner.