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It helps you get rid of tightened skin pores and reduces the skin blemishes.Sandal provides you antiseptic and germicidal protection for your skin and acts as natural sunscreen.

I use this face pack with rose water as suggested on the pack.It smells good and natural and gives a nice cooling effect when I apply it on my face.I usually apply the pack and keep cotton pads soaked in rose water on my eyes and just relax, it is really very relaxing.As it dries, my skin feels a bit stretchy, so I don’t wait for it to dry completely, I just wash it after 15 minutes. After washing, my skin feels smoother and clearer than before, it also gives a glow to the skin.With regular use, it makes the skin even toned and clearer and I love the fresh feeling it gives to my skin.

I also use this powder to make fruit face packs at home.

Some fruits which are difficult to sit on the face can be used along with this powder. This is really inexpensive and works very well for my skin. Girls with normal to dry skin can also use by mixing it with milk or some fresh cream.

For teenagers or people with very oily skin, add a few drops of lemon juice also in this pack.

This product comes in a nice green, black and sand coloured outer packaging. You can squeeze the tube to take out your required amount of product. I was a bit sceptical to use it because usually grainy products get stuck to the hair and we have a hard time washing them off. The best part about it is that it is very simple to use.

The packaging is filled with tons of information about the product. Like any ayurvedic product, this hair pack is dark brown in colour. It is a bit ayurvedic, but it is somewhat refreshing too. You just have to keep it on for 15-20 minutes and is very easy to wash off.

It has a flip cap type of packaging and a small hole to dispense the product. As it claims, it does lather a tiny bit and it doesn’t require any shampoo to remove it. It doesn’t make my hair frizzy for a good 3 days after washing.