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There are things that are going to make you sick, and we might as well face it – you can find a way to get all the tastes and wonderful, various food types you crave – but some ingredients are definitely not welcome in your body.

I have compiled a list that is as complete and as correct as I can determine with all the misinformation, confusion and conflicting lists out there.

Feel free to ask me to add to this list if you find something I have omitted.

Some of the things you need to look for are: In Australia there are different labeling laws than in the US, so check for the number codes as well: 220 — sulphur dioxide 221 — sodium sulfite 222 — sodium bisulfite 223 — sodium metabisulfite 224 — potassium metabisulfite 226 — calcium sulfite 227 — calcium and bisulfite 228 — potassium bisulfite It would seem pretty straight forward to avoid anything with the word sulfite in it, but it is trickier than that.There are lots of ingredients in your food that can have hidden sulfites because they don’t really have to list ingredients of ingredients, or list sulfites if they are considered part of a “process”. From the ancient mists of history to the lightning broadband of today, one constant persists: the Scribes’ fingers toiling in darkness, creating magic. Da Vinci was: Yet who would they be without nobility? The adventure begins, as it always has and always will: The people wait to hear. Just a whisper, and truth can twist old ways into something new and exuberant: Quill into keyboard…

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