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Finally, she got pregnant with an embryo that stuck and would eventually become her daughter Linnea. She was put on bed rest for the last 2 1/2 months, required an emergency C-section, and delivered a 2-pound baby."[Linnea] proceeded to grow stronger and I proceeded to grow weaker," Bast recalls.

"I am 5-foot-9 and ended up 105 pounds."Bast knew she needed answers, but no one was providing them.

Her ob-gyn was so weary of her mysterious case that he even told her she would have to find another doctor if she got pregnant again.

Of the many gastric and blood tests she underwent, nothing showed up."People have diarrhea," one doctor told her condescendingly.Her concerns went ignored until she visited the dentist one day.He took one look at her mouth and told her there was something seriously wrong with her. Meanwhile, her GI doctor had put her on a high-carbohydrate diet, which made her symptoms spiral out of control."I couldn't even walk around the block without having to run to the bathroom," she says.Recounting her troubles to a friend who was a veterinarian, Bast received advice that would change her life: "Sometimes animals have trouble with grains," her friend said. Starting around the age of 26, she just kept getting sicker.

She had constant diarrhea, chronic migraines, extreme fatigue, canker sores, and bloating, and her fingers and toes tingled."I would go to the doctor for my GI issues," Bast remembers, "but they treated me for that symptom, rather than looking at a cause."Medication seemed to help in the short-term, despite her lack of a diagnosis, and she began to feel OK.That was when she got pregnant, and her GI symptoms made a raging comeback.Tragically, Bast's instincts proved correct: In utero, her baby eventually suffered from a condition called intrauterine growth restriction, in which the fetus grows at a very delayed rated or ceases growing altogether.While the reasons can range from infection to high blood pressure, the cause in her case was unclear.At nine months pregnant, she delivered a stillborn baby.Her heartbreak was unbearable, but Bast pushed on, desperate for another child.