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; December 30, 1889 – December 3, 1973) was President of Mexico from 1952 to 1958, representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).He was one of the oldest presidents of Mexico, perhaps best remembered for granting women the right to vote in presidential elections and stimulating the Mexican economy.Adolfo Ruiz Cortines was born on December 30, 1889 in the state of Veracruz.

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Ruiz's father, Adolfo Ruiz Tejada, died when he was young. His mother taught him to write and to read at the age of 3.

Later, he entered a school directed by Joaquín Jerónimo Díaz and Florencio Veyro.

At the age of twelve, he attended the Instituto de Veracruz, where he studied accounting.

Adolfo Ruiz Cortines pursued his secondary educational studies at the Colegio de los Jesuitas, which was considered the best school in the state of Veracruz.

During his stay in Mexico City, President Madero was assassinated and Victoriano Huerta took power.

Since Ruiz was against the Huerta government, he joined revolutionary forces under the command of Alfredo Robles, the right hand of the revolutionary leader Venustiano Carranza.Robles was in charge of the revolutionary forces in the south and center of Mexico.In 1935 at 45 years of age, Ruiz started his political career as the director in charge of Mexico City.Adolfo learned from his mentors about liberalism, a political principle he would apply during his entire political career.In addition, he acquired his fanatical interest in baseball there.He always wanted to study at university, but circumstances never permitted him to do so.