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I can’t find the listing for the show on the schedule! Me: (looking around seeing where the voice was coming from) Mom: (looking relieved when she saw someone to distract the girl.) Say “hi” to the nice man. now that a lot of restaurant drama is finished, I will post more about actual restaurant stuff that happened and things that will help people who are running restaurant, small businesses, or just thinking about doing it. hahaha~ As an employer, it is important that employees apologize when they make a mistake.

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Once in a while, you will run into an employee who will never say sorry for any mistake they make.

Sometimes it is because they are too embarrassed to say anything, but most times it is because they do not think they are at fault for the mistake.

“It was too busy.” “Jen should have done XYZ.” “The customers were just grouchy and mean.” Or just a blank empty stare…

Only when people accept responsibility for their actions, they are empowered to change the outcome and make changes in their behavior.

When people don’t take responsibility, they are forever victims and just passive passengers in life.

I was over at the restaurant today making sure everything was alright and working on reworking the menu when a really cute girl walks in…

(I’ll post on the blog and Facebook the new menu items 1st!

) She’s a waitress over at Noodle World who comes in to order herself a couple of fish tacos. I was tempted to make a move, but I felt like such a dirty old pervert.

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=( The main reasons for not updating: 1) Most blog posts would be about thing employees are doing.