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This apprenticeship programme includes a theoretical part, which is taught at a specialist school for chemical technicians, and a practical part where the apprentices get ‘hands-on’ experience in the work that they will be undertaking at the Cologne plant.

On average, the apprentices will spend one day per week at the school and four days at Infineum over a period of approximately three and a half years before they qualify as chemical technicians.

Lilija Huth, Infineum HR Manager said: The recruitment event was a very refreshing idea - very different from the standard recruitment procedure for finding new employees.The whole process was turned upside down where the candidates started with an interview before they left their application with the companies.This provided an opportunity to meet and speak with the candidates in person which, in turn, gave us an idea of how the candidates might fit in with the team.Seventeen candidates expressed their interest in Infineum.Alex, 22, whose groomed eyebrows have become a show talking point, wears make-up and dons purple socks and ripped-jean shorts to play Herbert, the personification of a bad date, in a TV advertising campaign.

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15 September 2016 This September, Deutsche Infineum Gmb H (Infineum), launched an apprenticeship programme for young people with an ambition to become chemical technicians (plant operators) at Infineum.