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Don't worry if you don't quite get it; this is just to give you an idea of what is to come.Okay, now you've seen that the idea is pretty simple! Making Lots of Fabric Strips To make a whole rug, you will need lots of one-inch strips of material.

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On this page you will find explicit step-by-step instructions that show you how to make a toothbrush rag rug! Toothbrush rugs are one of the easiest and quickest rag rugs to make.

They are easy to learn, inexpensive to make, and the result is gorgeous!

Most other instructions that I've come across on the internet assume some previous knowledge of crochet or knitting.

But, believe me, you don't need any experience to learn how to make these rugs!

In fact, I just learned how to make these two weeks ago, and I am not very crafty at all.

I taught myself how to make these rugs in one day, and was SHOCKED at how easy it was.

I figured it out in one evening, piecing together a number of different directions I found online. I don't like learning from diagrams, so I wanted to actually SHOW how to make the stitch. Here is an example of what my instructions can help you to make.

I made two very small experimental pieces that looked awful, but soon enough my rug started to look good and I started a rug for real that very first night. This is the first rug that I created (after a few false starts, of course).

The next day I worked on it ALL DAY LONG (8 or 10 hours? START BY EXPERIMENTING Material To start experimenting, you will need two long strips (each approx.

2 feet long) of fabric, yarn, ribbon, or whatever you have on hand.

Tool You will also need some kind of tool to help you pull the strip through--basically, you will need a "big needle". The bristles/head are cut off and the severed end is filed to a point, like the pointy tip of a needle.