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This should go without saying: Don't bring up your ex or other low-points in your romantic history.

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With clever cropping and your best angle, you can direct people's eyes to exactly what you want them to notice about you." To get casual, totally flattering profile photos, Jeffrey Platts -- a dating expert and men's coach based in L. -- recommends having a friend snap photos of you any time you're feeling "sexy, confident and well-dressed" while hanging out."It just takes 30 seconds and you'll be adding to your collection of great photos to choose from," he said. You're boring people to tears in your "about me" section.Your front-facing, model status profile pic may be what draws people in, but a compelling "about me" section that shows off your personality is what will land you a date.Describing yourself as a "laid-back guy who loves the beach and getting drinks" is the meh-est of meh descriptions."That pretty much describes 99 percent of singles," said Platts.

"If I tell you I'm going to buy you any smartphone you want, you wouldn't just say 'Thanks, just get me one that makes calls and can surf the web.' No, you'd tell me get the a 64GB i Phone 6 Plus in white.You want someone to want you because of , not simply because you're a warm-bodied male or female." To spice up your profile, Platts suggests injecting some humor and personality into it: "Then people who share similar values, interests and lifestyles will gravitate toward you." 3.Mentioning your ex -- or any other failed relationships.Having no luck getting a decent guy or woman to message you on online dating sites?We hate to say it, but it may be because the profile you've created is unremarkable.(Hey, you've been in a relationship for years -- possibly even there was no need to master the art of the perfect profile.) To help you land a date, we asked a handful of dating experts and coaches to weigh in with the most common mistakes they see divorcées making in their profiles.