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But the point which I would like to make here is that all this data should be accessed at the exact time when a prospect calls.

The moment a rep picks up the call to answer the lead, your CRM should display these details so that he/she is not getting distracted by searching for the details while speaking to the lead.

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Businesses grow with time and so is the number of inbound calls.

In today’s digital age, where customer interactions over online platforms and social media have increased, it has not made any difference in the number of inbound calls a company receive.

This is surely a great news for companies trying to meet their sales targets.

When a lead calls you, they probably have done their part of research and are willing to buy from you and most of them directly come under qualified leads criteria. How well your sales rep handle their call is what matters the most when the prospects decide if they want to do business with your company or not.

Customers these days are very educated and already complete their research to shortlist the companies which qualify to suit their requirements.

So, you better have sales reps who know more about your product and solutions than your prospect.