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Particles emitted at these two energies can be identified using an alpha spectroscopy system.

The system consists of a surface barrier detector, preamplifier, amplifier, mixer router, analog to digital converter, multi-channel analyzer, and appropriate computer software.

Pb against depth or cumulative weight (to allow for compacting) will be a straight line if the sedimentation rate has been constant.Least squares regression is used to determine the slope of the decay curve, from which the sedimentation rate can be calculated.The Geological Metadata Catalogue, developed within the framework of the One Geology-Europe e Content plus project, provides the means for searching (Metadata Search) national geological and applied geological map data ranging from the scale of ,000 to 1:1 million.The Catalogue also offers a SW tool, fully multilingual, for creation and-or editing metadata records (Metadata Editor).This Springer service is currently down for maintenance.

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Pb isotopes cannot exchange and secular equilibrium is achieved.

At secular equilibrium the activity of the parent isotope is equivalent to that of the daughter isotope.

Sediment systems provide a natural storage system because Pb, Bi and Po are immobile or only mobilized together in these systems.

In all but the top few cm of most sediment cores the sediment is old enough to ensure that the concentration of Pb-210 will be equivalent to that of the shorter-lived daughter isotopes.

Tests of the top few cm and of surficial sediment indicate that the Po and Pb concentrations are quite similar.